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Ok, so it’s been three months. Back on the wagon now though. In that time I did go to a Unity Meet Up (LUG 6) ¬†and have made some useful and inspirational contacts. Now to put that ¬†inspiration to good use! I have come up with an idea for a game and have got a moving character and a physics rope so far. Just need to combine the two to make an awesome grappling hook! Here goes nothing…

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  1. Great job! This is a really useufl touch manager. I’m testing it out and trying to get it to detect touch on a collider. I have an prefab that instantiates twice, it has the TouchManager attached. In the update function of my object I put in:Collider thisShipCollider = GetComponent();TouchPhaseEnum phase;if(TouchManager.GetTouchPhase (0, out phase)){switch (phase){case TouchPhaseEnum.BEGAN:if(TouchManager.TouchedCollider(0, thisShipCollider)){ShipSelected();}break;}}The touch manager works perfectly on the first instance of my object, but does not detect the 2nd instance of the same object. Any ideas?

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