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Monthly Archives: March 2012

Parallaxing is something I’ve been after doing for a while – because it looks awesome!

I moved the different planes using the Translate function:

All you need to do is set different speeds for each section.

These are good examples of effective parallaxing:

I’ll have to try and upload a video of it working on Dream Swing. Getting this done helped me to figure out the scale of the world – I don’t want a big piece of landscape moving in the background – it should be small things like bits of grass etc and the spider should roughly to scale – previously I had a tree that was way out of scale.

I’ve downloaded as it was currently on sale and I’ve started replacing some of my Flash drawn assets with it:

It works great for easily adding physics to them – something I’d previously struggled with. I’m really happy with the look – especially as I just chucked all this in in a matter of minutes.

I’ve been messing about with rope physics but still not had much luck: I’ve tried the tutorial here and while I got the physics working, they will need a lot of tweaking to be usable and I can’t seem to get it behaving anywhere near how I’d like for the kind of fluid moving rope I’m after.

I’ve also downloaded Rage Pixel seeing as it’s free: It probably won’t be useful for this project but maybe for the next one!