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Category Archives: Art

Turns out that you can embed the video in your site really easily just by pasting in some code so here it is!

[vimeo w=500&h=281]<p><a href="">SpriteSheets - TheMovie - Part 1</a> by <a href="">Code'n'Web</a></p>


I have just started going through a handy tutorial that my girlfriend linked me to:

I’ve downloaded TexturePacker as it recommends and enjoyed watching this well made video that explains simply why you might need to use a sprite sheet for all your sprites and what it entails:

Level 1 now loads when you click on the button thanks to

Started drawing some ground using:

Now off into London to watch Zelig at the BFI with Marion and Ian.

Worked late tonight but wanted  to do something towards my game so I drew a rubbish tree just now:

Rubbish Tree

I realised that if I can go for one day without doing anything, I can easily go for seven days, and if I can go for one week without doing anything then I can go forever, so I want to try and make sure I make some progress whenever possible, no matter how small.

Just watched this longingly:

Thing is, I can create graphics like this easily and import them in, but this video makes it looks so easy (and sexy?!)  to do it in Unity. Also, whenever I import them in they look like ass. So I need to figure a way to fix that.

Still haven’t got changing jump direction mid air sorted yet. This guy is having the same issue: so I replied to see if he ever managed to solve it.

I need to start on the rope physics soon too. Then I can start making some puzzles/ levels. I watched this really interesting talk from Jonathan Blow and Marc Ten Boch yesterday: It’s especially relevant for me seeing as I know what my mechanics are, but not my puzzles.

Now have double jumping working, which I did yesterday. I feel a bit hung over from Sarah P’s house warming to do any meaningful coding today, although I really want to add the ability to change your direction mid jump.

I’ve looked up some cartoon references for the spider and the fly characters and have drawn them in Flash:


Collectible/ Edible Fly

I will create some different versions and see if I can improve on them another time but they’ll do for now.