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Category Archives: Music

Added Tchaikovsky – Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy as the music for the first stage. It’s suitably whimsical and fits well with the theme of dreams. I just dragged it in to the Hierarchy and I didn’t even need a line of script to get it to play! (Although that’s only because I’m fine with it playing immediately right now) .

I’ve installed iTween and got one of the flies moving using iTween.MoveBy.

This looks like a handy demonstration of the commands:

I tried and failed to get the fly scaling as well so that’s something for tomorrow!

Got collision working. Just need to improve the movement so it’s locked to the x and y planes and so you can jump. Currently your cube can easily topple over and then your steering will veer you off in crazy directions.

Ship it!


In unrelated news, I’ve been listening to lots of this: while I work. It’s a great feel good song and also has a brilliant video!