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Category Archives: Movement

Parallaxing is something I’ve been after doing for a while – because it looks awesome!

I moved the different planes using the Translate function:

All you need to do is set different speeds for each section.

These are good examples of effective parallaxing:

I’ll have to try and upload a video of it working on Dream Swing. Getting this done helped me to figure out the scale of the world – I don’t want a big piece of landscape moving in the background – it should be small things like bits of grass etc and the spider should roughly to scale – previously I had a tree that was way out of scale. was very useful this morning for checking all the things I probably should know but don’t.

I used: to redo my movement and get jumping working. I painstakingly deconstructed it and wrote it out myself to make sure I understood it and I’m now playing about with it to get double jumping working.

I’ve updated my player character so its now just a plane. Initially there was an issue with needing to rotate the plane so it was facing the camera, which messed up the movement controls. I solved this by adding the Plane as a child of the player object so that its rotation doesn’t affect the Player.

Jump around. Jump around! Get up! Get up! Get down! And so forth.

Got collision working. Just need to improve the movement so it’s locked to the x and y planes and so you can jump. Currently your cube can easily topple over and then your steering will veer you off in crazy directions.

Ship it!


In unrelated news, I’ve been listening to lots of this: while I work. It’s a great feel good song and also has a brilliant video!