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Category Archives: Levels

While I haven’t posted on here in a while I did still manage to do a bit of work on the game in the last few weeks, which was adding a second level and adding another (different but still just as badly drawn) tree. Although I need to try and get back  into more regular work habits.

I’ve recently attended a few games events which have been really inspirational. Firstly, there was LUUG 8 on the 25th January, with some great talks from entrants of the Flash in a Flash competition. Then on the 2nd Feb there was the Wild Rumpus where I got to try out the amazingly fun game of  Johann Sebastian Joust and then the Bit of Alright game design conference where I got to see a couple of great talks from @danthat, @cliffski and more, which I might get round to writing a post about at some point.

Today I added some more platforms, some particle effects that follow your character in the second level and a few more flies to collect so it’s nearly a functional game… of sorts.